Swaminathan S K

I'm a visiting research student at Cognitive Learning for Vision and Robotics Lab (CLVR) at KAIST, under the guidance of Prof. Joseph J. Lim.

I'm currently pursuing my Dual degree (BTech + MTech) in Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Kharagpur. I am an Undergraduate Researcher at the Autonomous Ground Vehicle: Autonomy and Intelligence (AGV.AI) Research Group at IIT Kharagpur under the supervision of Prof. Debashish Chakravarty.

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I'm interested in reinforcement learning, multi-agent systems, robot learning and interpretability. Most of my current research work focuses on major problems faced in transfer and deployment of RL and MARL algorithms into real life robotics. I believe that resolving problems like sample-efficiency, scalability and interpretability are core to the functioning and practical application of RL in robotics.

My broader research goal is essentially creating robust and safe robots with accompanying RL algorithms that can "reason" by themselves. The idea that autonomous vehicles, robots and other agents can co-exist with humanity is something that gives me a lot of motivation. Though, I believe that robots which can do tasks that humans cannot do will be more helpful in the long run!

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